St ThomasThe ancient Vettickal Dayara is a pride possession of our Malankara Church with a history of about 800 years of existence.

In the year 1125,on a first Sunday after Easter,a Cross ceremoniously brought from Saint Thomas Church ,Mulanthuruthy was reveringly erected at Vettickal, which was the then 'border point' between the Royal Provinces of Kochi and Travancore,in the name India's Apostle and our Guardian Saint Blessed Saint Thomas.

Parumala Thirumeni This ancient Holy Cross is still honourably retained on the east side wall of the Dayara building.

In the year 1200 it was declared a Chapel.

In 1815,the ninth Marthoma,Metropolit an Iype (the last link in Pakalomattom family) consecrated a Church there as evident from the Church History written by Ittoop Writer.

Kattumangattu Junior Bawa Geevarghese Mar Coorilose (second Bishop of Thozhiyoor Church) who went to heavenly abode in 1809, is entombed in this Dayara.He is considered a Saint by the local faithful and seek Bawa's mediation.Bawa' s memorial feast is conducted on 28th and 29th of May. Thousands of people irrespective of religious affiliations attend the holy feast every year and receive blessings.

In the year 1877, Parumala Thirumeni along with Malankara Metropolitan and the other Bishops who had then been ordained with Parumala Thirumeni meditated and fasted for 40 days in this Dayara.On the day after 40 days of fasting prayers the Malankara Metropolitan with Parumala Thirumeni consecrated the renovated Dayara and the Holy Madbaha.This fact of history is written in Parumala Thirumeni's own handwriting and is recorded and preserved in the Dayara. more >>